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Today's specials delivered directly to your office for your colleagues to devour - A mobile "Instabox" for food
Give your colleagues an easy way of ordering hot food from selected restaurants, delivered directly to your office. They can order as late as 10:00 am the same day, and the food arrives at the same time every day. We secure a great variation, by alternating vendors every week, eliminate uncertainty, and are very adaptable to allergies. Payments are easily made with many different payment options or by invoice.
*Depending on the size of your company, there might be a monthly fee to cover delivery costs
Set up BeeHive at your premises
- Step by step
  1. Decide a start date and contact us
  2. Invite colleagues and share information
  3. Await delicious food!
Order from BeeHive - Step by step
  1. Visit[your company]
  2. Place order and pay
  3. Await delicious food!

Menu - Example


  • Chicken schnitzel with oven baked red cabbage, kimchi mayo and fried rice with sesame.
  • Slow cooked Salmon filé with Västerbotten pesto, planed cauliflower and herb stewed potatoes.
  • Breaded Tofu with baked red cabbage, kimchi mayo and fried rice with sesame.


  • Meatballs with potato puré, cream sauce, lingonberry jam and pickled cucumber
  • Cajunroasted linguee fish with tomato concassé, roasted pumpkin and saffron rice.
  • Vegan burgers with saffron rice, roasted pumpkin and tomato concassé.


  • Ragu on chuck steak with lemon tossed zucchini, grana padano and pappardelle
  • Fish gratin with seafruit sauce, oven baked parsnip and duchesse potatoes
  • Lentils ragu with lemon tossed zuccini, grana padano and pappardelle 

Companies using Caterbee

"Ni är bäst! WOW, Well done Caterbee!"
- Sharon, Klarna
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